A reflection on 2018

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As we approach the end of the year, it is a good time to reflect on the year which has been and the goals which we set out at the start of the year. Below, I have listed the goals which I set out (as per my blog post from January 2018) to achieve and whether or not I managed to achieve them.

Goals for 2018:
Train for and run a successful marathon in LondonAchieved. Despite the race itself being the hottest on record (20 degrees at the start), I completed the distance with a time of 3:31.13. It wasn’t easy and there were times in the race where I had to overcome both physical and mental blocks. I have learned a lot from the experience and look forward to training for my next marathon, which is the Boston (Lincolnshire) marathon in April 2019.

Learn to swim and complete a triathlon (Edenbridge – August)Failed. Although I did learn to swim during the first few months of 2018, I later found out that the Edenbridge triathlon was not to go ahead in 2018 and therefore I took the decision to cease training for the event! It is a shame that I didn’t get to attempt a triathlon, but this is a goal that I may revisit in 5 or 10 years time.

Read more and write in my trainnig journal every dayAchieved. With the exception of 3 weeks during August where I was moving house and did not do any training, I have written in my journal each evening before going to sleep. This is a great way to reflect on the day, even if you haven’t done any training. I would highly recommend keeping a journal as it is a great way to reflect and learn. This is something which I have done for the past 3-4 years and which I shall continue to do. I have also been reading much more than I used to and always ensure that I have a book to read at breakfast and during my lunch break. I have so many (all running and fitness related) still to read and shall continue to keep up with my reading going forward.

Rest & recover well – in bed at 9.30pm and up at 5.30am each dayAchieved. Although my bed times have changed throughout the year, I have always been sure to give myself 8 hours rest from when I go to sleep, setting my alarm for 8 hours ahead of when I go to bed. As my morning and evening routines have changed, I typically go to bed between 10.30-11pm and rise between 6.30-7am, 7 days a week.

Continue to cut out any added sugar, salt & chemicals in my dietAchieved. I am passionate about eating natural foods (i.e. those which we are supposed to eat and have not been processed) and always try to promote a healthy and natural diet. Having studied a lot around nutrition, I appreciate that the body requires certain vitamins and minerals in order to function correctly and the best way to get these is from unprocessed foods. My diet mostly consists of oats, seeds, vegetables, nuts, natural yoghurt, honey, unhomogenised whole milk, spelt pasta & spaghetti, brown rice, some fruits (cherries, tomatoes, bananas and apples), water and loose leaf teas (green and black).

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