Register of Exercise Professionals & liability insurance

Please be sure that if you participate in any online exercise sessions that the person providing the session is suitably qualified and insured to provide the activity.

As a member of REPs and as a qualified Personal Trainer and Running Coach I am able to reassure my clients that my REPs liability insurance covers me to coach and work with clients remotely. This is especially important given the current ciscumstances in which we have found ourselves during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The insurance cover which I have is provided on the basis that I am working as I would do in person, but remotely. For example, I would be expected to have my online client complete a ParQ (Physical activity readiness Questionnaire) and relevant forms before they begin an exercise programme in the same way that I would if I were coaching face-to-face.

My existing insurance policy covers me to coach remotely, including hosting live workouts or uploading pre-recorded instructional videos, on the basis that:

  • I am suitably qualified to coach the activity
  • The activity can be performed in someone’s home
  • I ask participants to check their surroundings are clear and to keep any distractions, such as pets, away during the session
  • I specify at the start of any session that my coaching is a means of general guidance and motivation. It is the participant’s responsibility to be aware of their own capabilities and do what they are comfortable with. Medical advice should be sought if there is any doubt
  • I remind participants to stay hydrated
  • I am mindful of using copyrighted music/material

If you would like to participate in any of my online workouts or receive remote 1:1 personal training or coaching then please visit my shop.

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