Nutrition Advice


Nutrition plans including healthy recipes, pre & post exercise nutrition advice and fuelling strategies for training & racing.

Healthy weight – looking at your current dietary intake, body mass index and fitness level, we will provide you with advice on the most suitable foods and liquids to consume throughout the day in order to maintain a healthy weight.

Healthy eating – we don’t believe in short-term fad diets which involve calorie restriction or cutting out macro-nutrients (fat, protein or carbohydrate). Our advice is to create a healthy lifestyle of regular physical exercise alongside a balanced and healthy diet. We provide easy to follow recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert using only natural foods!

Race & training fuelling – if you will be running or exercising for more than 90 minutes then you need to consider fuelling strategies in order to ensure that your glycogen (energy) stores do not deplete. Correct fuelling is vital, especially if you want to perform your activity efficiently and to your best. We provide healthy and natural, tried and tested recipes for fuelling, which will put you in control of what goes into your body.

Pre and post exercise nutrition – it is important to consume enough calories and the right mix of macro-nutrients prior to exercising to ensure that you do not fatigue and also post exercise in order to aid with recovery and muscle gain.