Exercise and physical activity habits

There seems to have been a significant increase in the number of people exercising and being more physically active than perhaps they once were, before the Coronavirus pandemic swept across the World. I am very interested to find out a bit more about why this might be and also to get an insight into the exercise and physical activity habits of the general population.

I would be extremely grateful if you would spend no more than 2 minutes of your time to answer a survey that I have put together and which contains 10 multiple choice questions. The survey will only be active until midnight on Sunday 31st May 2020.

Please note that all responses are anonymous and no personal details will be gathered or shared.

I shall use this information to improve my understanding of the reasons why, how, when and where people exercise so that I can target my services accordingly.

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Updated Friday 29th May 2020:
Thank you to the 88 people who completed my survey. I really wasn’t expecting such a high response and unfortunately, the platform which I used (SurveyMonkey) only allows me to analyse the first 40 responses in their free version. Nonetheless, I learned a lot and can share the results as follows:

What is your main obstacle to exercising and being physically active?
Time (50%) & motivation (37.5%) were the main obstacles.

Why do you exercise?
Mental – to feel good (42.5%) & Physical – to lose or maintain weight (32.5%) were the main reasons.

When do you prefer to exercise?
Before 9am (35%) & early evening 5-7pm (25%) were most popular.

Do you prefer to exercise alone or with a group?
Alone (35%) & small group, up to 10 people (60%) took the lion’s share of the votes.

How far would you travel in order to exercise?
1-5 miles (62.5%) was the furthest most were prepared to travel.

Which (if any) aspect of your health are you most concerned about?
Weight (62.5%) & joint pain (15%) were the greatest health concerns.

Has the Coronavirus pandemic made you more conscious about your current health and more aware of the health benefits of exercising & being physically active?
Yes (57.5%) was the answer from 23 of the 40 respondents.

If you had access to a mentor or coach who can provide you with a specific plan, the motivation to achieve your goals and the accountability to keep you on track with your exercise, would this be desirable to you personally?
Somewhat desirable (45%) & very or extremely desirable (32.5%)

How much money would you spend on exercise and being physically active per month?
£1-20 & £21-40 both received 42.5% of the vote.

10 thoughts on “Exercise and physical activity habits”

  1. I’ve loved the chance to being outside at this time, walking and taking advantage of our local fields. Walking up to 5 miles a day to keepfit from my usual gym and classes.

    1. Hi Dee. Thank you for your comment and it is great to hear that you make the most of the local countryside – it is beautiful!

  2. Katharine Chadwick

    Some of the questions were not really applicable to me. I mostly walk with my husband and we have for many years, walked all day one day a week. Maybe around 8 miles. Since lockdown we have walked more, maybe 3/4 times a week but some walks have been say 3 miles. Not sure if this helps with planning questions.

    1. Hi Katherine. Thank you for your comments, it is useful to know. I’m pleased to hear that you are able to get out for regular exercise as it is great for both physical and mental health. Best wishes, Joe.

  3. Thanks Joe

    My phone has packed up and I’m writing on an old iPad – when I hit the ‘Finish’ button at the end of the survey, nothing happens. I hope my answers are still evident

    Thanks for your email about the running – I need to read it carefully

    Best wishes

    Debbi Laycock

    1. Hi Debbi. Thank you for the feedback and I shall have a look into this problem, I suspect it is the operating system or browser that you are using. Wishing you all the best with your training plan.

  4. The first question I couldn’t say it was one thing,I feel it’s probably a combination of Time/money/confidence along with family time

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