Death of the indoor fitness industry?

The new provision enabling increased outdoor activity follows scientific advice that the risk of infection outside is significantly lower than inside. It does not allow people to exercise in an indoor fitness studio, gym, swimming pool, or other indoor leisure centres or facilities.

The Government’s current planning assumption is that this next step will be no earlier than 4th July, subject to their five tests justifying some or all of the measures and further detailed scientific advice, provided closer to the time, on how far we can go.

In fact, it is likely that the reopening of indoor public spaces and leisure facilities (including gyms) whose core purpose is social interaction, may only be fully possible significantly later, depending on the reduction in numbers of infections.

So, with gyms and leisure factilities closed for the forseeable future and unlikely to reopen much earlier than late July or even August, what are the your options?

Personal trainers and coaching

The current UK Government guidance states that one on one personal training or coaching is permitted if outside, providing that you are alone and only meeting with 1 person from outside of your household and you are remaining a minimum of 2 metres apart.

In addition, personal trainers and coaches can meet with different clients in a single day as long as it is only via one-to-one sessions and you are maintaining social distancing at all times.

I am providing online 1:1 personal training sessions for my clients via Skype. In addition, as of 13th May 2020, I am also offering outdoor 1:1 running coaching whilst adhering to the current social distancing rules.

Advantages of group online/remote training with a qualified Personal Trainer

With indoor facilities closed there are plenty of options for exercising outdoors, such as walking, jogging and cycling, but what about when the weather is not so inviting or if you are restricted on time? Here are just some of the advantages to exercising online:

  • no gym membership is required.
  • exercise in the comfort of your own home (or garden).
  • cut down on travel – saving on public transport or fuel costs and time travelling to/from the class.
  • you are stil part of a shared, group experience.
  • live instruction from a qualified Personal Trainer – ensuring correct form on exercises.
  • limited risk of contracting infection or disease as you are not sharing equipment or facilities with people from outside your home.
  • exercise at your pace and current fitness level.
  • wear what you like, without the pressure to “dress to impress”.
  • no pressure to perform to a standard which you are uncomfortable with e.g. lifting a weight which is out of your comfort zone, in order to “fit in” or compete.

I provide 5, weekly online sessions via Zoom with all exercises using bodyweight only and therefore no equipment is required, however, an exercise mat is recommended for your comfort. Each session lasts 30 minutes and costs just £2 per household. Please visit my shop for more information and to book your place.

Commitment over the long term

Perhaps you are looking for a structured plan which will help you to keep motivated and focused on achieving your goals. Whether you are looking for weight loss, toning, strength improvements or better nutrition then commiting to a plan over the longer term with the advice and guidance of a PT or coach will help you to remain accountable.

I am offering a few different options for online/virtual, group exercise:

When you sign up to any of these groups, you will be provided with a personalised progress chart to help keep you on track. Each group member will also receive a weekly session plan with a number of exercises to complete. At the end of the week the group will come together, virtually, in order to discuss their experiences and progress. This will also provide an opportunity to ask me any questions that you may have.

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