Cork City marathon training – week 4

Week 4 of my training for the Cork City marathon involved a lot more easy/steady running. My session on Monday was more of a sustained half marathon pace for the intervals, whilst the Thursday evening run was to register my first contribution to United Kingdom and team “RTW runners” for the Vitality World Cup. My run on Friday afternoon wasn’t the best as I ventured out onto relatively unknown (and not the safest) roads in order to give my new shoes a wear-in ahead of the Lydd 20 mile road race on the Sunday.

My week ended up looking like this:

Monday – 8 x 3 minute repetitions of faster running with 3 minute jog recoveries in the morning. Strength workout 4 – core, in the evening.

Tuesday – rest.

Wednesday – strength workout 5 – plyometrics, in the evening.

Thursday – 1 mile warm-up followed by 2 x 1km repetions with 1km jog recoveries.

Friday – steady run of 5.6 miles to wear in my new shoes.

Saturday – led beginners group in the morning. 5 minute walk warm-up, 25 minute continuous jogging, 15 minute walk cool down.

Sunday – Lydd 20 mile road race. Read more about this in a separate blog post (also uploaded to my blog on Monday 9th March 2020)

Total mileage for the week – 41 (36 miles were planned)

I am now into week 5 of my training which is mostly planned as recovery, with just 2 runs and 3 strength workouts scheduled as I recover from yesterday’s 20 mile road race. I certainly learned a lot from the race yesterday, a distance which is in fact the furthest I have run since my marathon last April!

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